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One of the overwhelmingly popular means to straighten the teeth in the contemporary times is Invisalign. This cutting-edge technology is popular all over the world among people cutting across age groups in correcting their misaligned teeth and enhancing their smile. The aligners that are used in this procedure to exert calculated pressure on the teeth are subtle on the eyes and remain virtually invisible inside your mouth. So there is no way to make you conscious about your appearance unlike the traditional braces. In addition to that the aligners are easily removable. You can brush the floss the teeth normally and can eat or drink anything you want throughout the phase of your treatment. 

In other words Invisalign imposes no dietary restriction and also allows you maintain optimum oral hygiene all through your treatment phase. In the following sections of the blog post let us explore few tried and tested tips to help you make the most out of the revolutionary orthodontic procedure.  

Maintain your aligners properly so that those are clean and hygienic

Invisalign aligner trays are made from clear, transparent, high grade thermoplastic. Unlike the conventional braces these appliances remain discreet in your mouth. But the clear and discreet aligners can become easily noticeable when stained. Considering this it is important that you keep your aligner trays clean so that stains cannot catch up with it. One of the best ways to keep these aligners clean and free from stains is washing with lukewarm water and any antibacterial liquid soap once daily. Make sure not to scrub the appliance while washing. According to a dentist who offers easily affordable and cheap Invisalign in London over the years when you wash your aligners in the way mentioned above it also clears away bacterial build-ups. This way you can even avoid bad breath. 

Wear your aligner trays for a minimum 20 to 22 hours every day

Invisalign treatment only works when you keep wearing the aligners on the teeth for a minimum 20 to 22 hours a day. What happens if you neglect this compliance? If you ignore wearing your aligners for the stipulated amount of time then the treatment will not yield expected results. In fact if you think that you cannot comply with this regulation then it is better not to sign up for this cutting-edge technology to straighten the teeth in the first place. Invisalign provides you freedom of two hours daily. You are supposed to utilise those couple of hours in brushing and flossing the teeth along with finishing your meals. If you wear your aligner trays for anything less than 20 hours a day your treatment time gets stretched and you get delayed results. This in turn, further adds up to the quoted cost of the treatment and you end up paying more money than expected. 

It is also important to keep changing your aligner sets every two weeks. When you are on traditional braces system you are compelled to visit your dentist or orthodontist at frequent intervals for necessary adjustments of your wires and brackets. But with Invisalign there is no such compulsion; you carry your series of aligners home and keep switching over to a brand new set of aligner trays every fortnight. In easier words Invisalign saves you a lot of time and effort compared to the fixed braces system.

Never take a bite on anything with your aligners on

Just stop yourself from taking even a single bite on any type of food wearing your aligners. This can damage the custom fitted aligner as well as can stain it explains a dentist who offers one of the cheapest Invisalign deals in London. 

Keep your teeth and the mouth clean and hygienic

Maintaining a sound oral hygiene is important for everyone including children and adults. But it is particularly crucial for those who are under an orthodontic treatment. Invisalign aligners fit tightly on the teeth for almost the entire day. Thus anything on your teeth also sits on your aligner trays. Moreover your saliva cannot wash away food particles from the teeth anymore when you are on braces as it usually does otherwise. Considering all these facts and factors any orthodontic treatment makes you more prone to developing cavities in the tooth as well as gum disease and Invisalign is not an exception. Therefore you must maintain a sound oral health hygiene throughout your treatment and maintain a distance with foods and drinks that may stain your braces when you are on Invisalign.

Never ignore wearing your retainer

Once your treatment completes there is no need to wear the Invisalign trays on the teeth any more. But now is the time to wear a retainer on the teeth. Why? Orthodontic retainers prevent relapse of the teeth. In other words your straightened teeth always have the chance of shifting back into their original position once you stop wearing the aligners or braces. This negates the result that you achieved from the hard work across the months. In order to prevent this undoing of your teeth position you must wear retainers says a dentist who floats some of the cheapest Invisalign offers in London from time to time.

Your orthodontist or dentist will tell you how long you have to be on your custom fitted retainers and how you will use it. As such retaining your enhanced smile after an Invisalign treatment is never that difficult.

Always retain your used aligner trays

Invisalign aligners are though quite durable but are not unbreakable. Your appliance may break anytime in an accident or you may even misplace it. Mishaps like these may derail your treatment progress until and unless you carefully retain your used aligner tray. If by chance your aligner gets lost or broken you must inform the matter to your Invisalign provider right away and meanwhile switch back to your previous set of aligners to ensure your treatment does not get stranded. Reinforcing our with a new set of custom fitted aligners may take some time and during hat intermediate time your previous set of aligner trays can keep up with the ongoing positive work.

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