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Fixed Retainers

Having a beautiful straight smile thanks to braces or Invisalign is an accomplishment worth maintaining. However, completed orthodontic treatment doesn’t always mean your teeth will stay perfectly aligned forever without a little help. This is where invisible permanent fixed retainers play a vital role. Available from top clinics like 1A Orthodontics Clinic in London, these clever devices are bonded to the backs of your teeth for invisibility while keeping everything in optimal position.

What Are Permanent Fixed Retainers?

Permanent fixed retainers consist of a thin wire bonded to the tongue-side surface of your teeth using a clear composite material. The orthodontist applies it after active orthodontic appliances like braces get removed. The wire runs across the full span of your teeth, hooked over molars on each end to stay firmly in place. It’s incredibly durable and comfortable since you can’t see or feel it under your tongue once settled in.

Why Get a Permanent Fixed Retainer?

While retainers worn at night work temporarily, there’s no guarantee you’ll use them as directed every night. Fixed retainers offer reliable 24/7 holding power to prevent the slight relapse issues some experience after orthodontics. Whether you had crowded, gapped, or crooked teeth beforehand, permanent bonded retainers keep everything locked into alignment meticulously. Some reasons to consider permanent fixed retainers in London include:

  • Maintain Results of Braces or Invisalign Treatment
  • Prevent Minor Tooth Shift Relapse After Orthodontics
  • Correct Under or Overbites Long-Term
  • Close Spaces Between Teeth Permanently
  • Ensure Proper Bite Alignment and Occlusion
  • Improve Speech Clarity
  • Aid Oral Health and Hygiene
  • Boost Confidence with a Consistent Smile

What Is the Process of Getting a Fixed Retainer?

The process of getting fixed retainers in London involves a quick and easy appointment with your orthodontist. For instance, 1A Orthodontics provides permanent retainers crafted to fit your new smile perfectly. At your appointment, they’ll use cheek retractors so you can comfortably open wide while they take impressions of your teeth. This allows precise modeling of the wire around your teeth’s edges curved for security.

You return about a week later to get your custom-fit fixed retainer bonded into place. They roughen the tongue-side surface of your teeth slightly before applying the clear composite adhesive. The wire gets pressed gently down into the adhesive, molded closely around the contours of your teeth by the orthodontist’s fingers. They carefully remove any excess once settled for maximum comfort and invisibility. Curing the adhesive with a light takes just seconds to set before checking the fit. You get usage instructions for eating, flossing and keeping it clean before being free to show off your securely retained smile!

What Are the Benefits of Fixed Retainers?

As a long-term orthodontic retainer solution, permanent fixed retainers offer substantial benefits over wearing a removable device. You’ll no longer have to hassle with nightly retainers that stop fitting correctly if skipped even once. Fixed retainers from skilled London orthodontics clinics like 1A Orthodontics have perks like:

  • Set and Forget Convenience
  • Comfortable Under the Tongue
  • Fully Invisible to Others
  • Constant Retaining Power
  • Permanently Straight Teeth
  • Cemented Between Teeth

Fixed retainers also promote easier flossing compared to tight multi-strand wires. Some types floss normally while thin single-strand wires allow floss to slide under easily. You’ll still brush normally, taking extra care around the wire. See your orthodontist periodically to ensure proper placement and condition too.

How Much Do Fixed Retainers Cost?

Costs for fixed retainers varies based on arch size and specific orthodontist rates. However, they tend to range between £150 and £350 per arch in London. This accounts for x-rays, impressions, custom wire bending, bonding appointments and periodic checks. Many orthodontists let you pay through monthly installments too.

While more than removable retainers upfront, the value over time is unmatched. Replacing lost or broken removable devices gets expensive fast compared to a single bonded permanent retainer. Going with a top clinic like 1A Orthodontics ensures exceptional durability and retention for reasonable fixed retainer costs in London.

Improved Oral Hygiene

Fixed retainers don’t hamper brushing or flossing like traditional wires bonded behind teeth. Floss slides easily under the single strand to clean fully. Brushing access remains easy without tight wires in the way. This maintains better long-term gum health and oral hygiene.

Enhanced Speech

A fixed retainer keeps your corrected bite stable indefinitely. This allows you to articulate words clearly without tooth position changes affecting it later on. Friends and colleagues will continue understanding your speech without having to strain.

Athletic Mouthguard Compatibility

Unlike old-style fixed retainers, single strand wires easily fit mouthguards for contact sports over them comfortably. Multi-strand retainers prevent proper mouthguard fit, but modern fixed types stay securely out of the way. This ensures you remain protected from dental trauma during rugby, boxing, football or hockey safely.

Occasional Minor Repairs

While today’s fixed retainers are quite durable, the bond between wire and teeth may chip or detach slightly in rare instances. This gets easily patched by your orthodontist quickly with replacement composite. As long as you monitor your fixed retainer periodically and avoid hard or chewy foods, it should last 5-10 years or longer undisrupted.

Added Security During Invisalign Retention

Some orthodontists recommend fixed retainers for extra support when using Invisalign for retention after active treatment. This guarantees your teeth don’t shift if you forget to wear your removable retainers as directed. The combo provides complete insurance to lock in the smile you’ve worked for.

Low Maintenance Requirements

Aside from careful flossing and brushing around the wire, fixed retainers don’t need much special attention. You’ll attend shorter periodic checks for your orthodontist to examine the wire compared to wearing removable devices full-time. It’s a fit-and-forget solution offering complete teeth retention security.

Get Your Smile Secured Discreetly

After striving through braces or Invisalign treatment, it’s important not seeing your efforts reversed if retainers get skipped or lost. With permanent fixed retainers from trusted London clinics like 1A orthodontics, you can rest assured your perfect smile stays put. The devices offer reliable long-term retention, comfort, and value. Consult your orthodontist about getting fixed retainers once your braces get removed. 

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