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Gun Storage Safes

Gun storage safes are essential for ensuring the safety and security of firearms. However, owning a secure safe isn’t enough. Regularly changing the combination is crucial to maintaining the highest level of security. Here are some practical tips for a safe combination change to enhance the security of your gun storage safes.

Understand the Importance

Changing the combination on your gun storage safe is a critical step in maintaining security. Over time, combinations can become compromised through various means. Sharing the combination with others, accidental exposure, or even potential hacking attempts make regular changes necessary.

Schedule Regular Changes

Set a routine for changing your safe combination. Every six months is a good starting point. Regular changes ensure that even if someone has obtained your combination without your knowledge, they won’t have access for long. Mark your calendar and make it a habit.

Use a Strong Combination

A strong combination is crucial. Avoid obvious sequences like 1234 or birthdays. Instead, use a mix of random numbers. Longer combinations provide better security. Consider using a combination of at least six to eight digits. The more complex the combination, the harder it is to crack.

Avoid Sharing Your Combination

It’s important to limit who knows the combination. Only trusted individuals should have access. Even then, consider changing the combination if you ever feel the information has been compromised. The fewer people who know, the safer your firearms will be.

Record and Store the Combination Securely

Always record your new combination. But don’t store it in obvious places. Avoid writing it down on paper left near the safe. Instead, consider a secure digital method. Password-protected apps or encrypted storage solutions are good options. If you prefer a physical record, keep it in a separate secure location.

Practice the New Combination

Before locking the safe with a new combination, practice it several times. Ensure you and any trusted users can remember and accurately enter the new sequence. This practice reduces the risk of being locked out due to mistakes.

Test the New Combination

After setting the new combination, test it thoroughly. Open and close the safe multiple times. This step ensures the combination is set correctly and the lock mechanism is functioning properly. Any issues should be addressed immediately before full reliance on the new combination.

Update All Documentation

If your safe is registered or insured, update your documentation. This update ensures you have the correct information for any future claims or servicing needs. Keep all records current to avoid complications down the line.

Use Technology Wisely

Many modern Gun Storage Safes offer advanced security features. Biometric locks, keypads with time locks, or even smart safes connected to your phone. These features can add an extra layer of security. However, always have a fallback option. Technology can fail, and you should always have a way to access your safe.


Changing the combination on your gun storage safe is a simple yet effective way to enhance security. By following these tips, you ensure that your firearms are stored securely and that only trusted individuals have access. Regular changes, strong combinations, and informed practices all contribute to the overall safety of your gun storage. Prioritize these steps to maintain the highest level of security for your firearms.

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